4 thoughts on “56- GANGSTER MOVIES

  1. Boss: Walter White
    Second in command: Michael Corleone
    Consigliere: Frank Nitti
    Capo: Frank Lucas – Gustavo Fring – Keyser Soze
    Earners: Sam Rothstein – XXXX (Daniel Craig movie Layer Cake) – Semyon (Armin Mueller-Stahl movie Eastern Promises)
    Soldiers: John Wick – Mike Ehrmantraut – Michael Sulivan
    Wife: Helena Ayala (Catherine Zeta-Jones movie Traffic)
    Girlfriend (you didn’t ask this question): Annalisa (Sofia Milos tv show Sopranos)

    Most horrid deaths: Dominick and Nicky Santoro movie Casino
    Best movie: The Goodfellas
    Other Joe Pesci great movie: My Cousin Vinny

    Fun show – critic: sound of Gerard too low.

  2. Boss: Vito Corleone(god father)
    Underboss: Silvio Dante(the sopranos)
    Consigliere: Little Carmine(the sopranos)
    Capos: Tony Soprano(the sopranos), Frank Lucas(american gangster), Sonny Corleone(godfather)
    Enforcers: Jules Winnfield(pulp fiction), Tommy(goodfellas), Vic Vega(reservoir dogs)
    Soldiers: Ralph(the sopranos), Paulie(the sopranos), Jimmy Conway(goodfellas)
    Wife: Mia Wallace(pulp fiction)

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