2 thoughts on “89- “BEFORE LA” WITH MAMA FERRARA

  1. My son just sent me this podcast link to listen because he could not believe how similar his experience moving to LA was between he and I!!!! My son Gianni after playing hockey and being on the track to play in college came to me and said that he wanted to move to LA to pursue acting. I supported him and listened to my husband say “I can’t believe you let him go half way around the world” It has been a long road full of funny stories, lots of crying,working but TOTLLY supporting him. I always told him he could be whatever he wanted when he grew up as long as he was a good person. I think he chose one of the hardest paths in life but he NEVER looked back. I remember his hockey coaches when he was 10 years old told me in a rink in NY(ironically) that they were going to see him on the big screen when he was older,they said they wanted to hang around with “G” instead of the adults just to see what he was going to say and do. I am soon incredibly proud of how hard he has worked for his dream, how driven and focused he is all while keeping his sense of humor. His brother just moved out and his friends are moving out in 2 weeks to become “the real life entourage” as they called themselves. I remember when they were 15 up in Giannis bedroom picking out their cars they were going to get when he became famous. Dreams really can come true. I just went to visit both boys in their studio apt and slept on an air mattress and had so many laughs talking about all the stories growing up!!! Great Memories Kathy Paolo

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